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An unexpected, but beautiful surprise

At 32 years old, I feel like I am in a good place in my life. Even though I just recently lost my job because of COVID, my boyfriend and I were in a good place after having our ups and downs over the years. A few years ago, I was pregnant and because he already had children through a previous relationship, we decided to have an abortion. I felt at the time it was the best choice. Since then, my cycles have not been regular. A few weeks ago, I started feeling sick and I thought perhaps I had caught the COVID virus. However, when I tested, I was negative. The women who performed the test suggested maybe I was pregnant. She told me of a mobile unit that does free pregnancy tests and sonograms, so I called them and made an appointment. I was sure I was not pregnant, but it was free so I thought it could not hurt.

When I arrived at the unit, after telling the ladies on the bus my situation and that I doubted I was pregnant, I took a pregnancy test and was shocked when it read positive. We did the ultrasound right away and I could not believe what I was seeing on the large monitor in front of me. A large, moving baby is what I was seeing. Honestly, I was in shock. The sonogram technician told me I was approximately 20 weeks. I began to cry. This was so unexpected. There was absolutely no way I was having an abortion. After the ultrasound was over, I called my boyfriend and told him what I learned. I showed him the photo of the ultrasound that I was given. He could not believe it either. We both right then and there decided we could not abort this child. I started crying because I was so happy and happy that he was happy too. I am so excited! So thankful that Solutions Mobile was there for me and that they were so understanding and kind. Did not judge me as I told them my story, just calmly listened and prayed with me before I left for a healthy pregnancy and that God would provide. Also, I was happy that I could apply for insurance that would cover my pregnancy expenses since I had just lost my job due to COVID. I was able to see a doctor a few weeks after and I was so happy to hear we are having a little girl!