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Recap: Volunteer Appreciation Brunch April 26, 2024

On April 26, at the St. Ignatius Cathedral Family Life Center, the spirit of gratitude and community flourished at the Catholic Charities Volunteer Appreciation Brunch. This gathering served as a heartfelt tribute to the dedicated volunteers who shine a light on the people and causes that inspire us to serve.

The morning commenced with a warm welcome from Catholic Charities CEO, Dr. Ellen T. Wayne, and Volunteer Coordinator, Kenda Peterson, setting a tone of appreciation and celebration. Volunteers, representing Catholic Charities 13 programs and ministries, gathered together in fellowship, united by their commitment to serving others with love and kindness.

As the event drew to a close, there was a profound sense of gratitude and appreciation lingering in the air. The Catholic Charities Volunteer Appreciation Brunch served as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of volunteerism and the profound impact it has on both volunteers and those they serve. It was a celebration of love, compassion, and community, inspiring all in attendance to continue their journey of service with renewed dedication and passion.

Brunch was generously underwritten by our friends at Josephs Classic Market

View photos from the event here