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Providing comprehensive guardianship and case management services to the elderly

Elder Affairs

The Catholic Charities Elder Affairs Program provides comprehensive guardianship and case management services to those in need, emphasizing the concerns of the economically disadvantaged and those without adequate community support.  This multi-dimensional program protects elderly individuals from victimization, exploitation, abuse and neglect.  Individuals who are 65 years and older, residing in Palm Beach County and who are at risk physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and/or spiritually are eligible. 

Many elderly are in a vulnerable living situation, unable to manage their personal affairs and often lacking the financial resources to provide the basic necessities of living.  It is the goal of the program to deliver services that deal with the realities of human suffering and to advocate for justice for elderly persons burdened by poverty and the effects of societal indifference.

The Elder Affairs staff assists in both Guardianship Services and Case Management Services. 

Guardianship Services:

  • Protection/ management of client’s real estate, personal possessions and assets
  • Preparation of a long-term financial plan of care
  • Bill pay and budget planning
  • Continual monitoring to assure individual’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being
  • Preparation of a personalized plan of care
  • Coordination of care to ensure medical, mental health, social and personal needs are met
  • Correspondence with family, legal advisors, medical team and others
  • Funeral planning and execution of known wishes

Case Management Services:

  • Counseling for older persons/ their families when faced with lifestyle decisions
  • Assessment of personal and medical needs and referral to community services
  • Financial assessment and planning for long-term care needs
  • Information and assistance with nursing home and assisted living facility admissions
  • Facilitating Social Security, Medicaid, Veteran and Long-term Care applications for benefits
  • Counseling the importance of preparing and executing life planning documents (POA, HCS, Living Will)
  • Information, referral and linkage to community service providers
  • In certain situations:  Trustee, Estate Executor, Health Care Surrogate and Representative Payee

Indigent cases will be considered and accepted when possible, not to exceed our indigent threshold at the time of referral.

Family Guardian Course is no longer offered through Catholic Charities.

Please check The 15th Judicial Circuit’s webpage for up-to-date information regarding the approved courses

The following courses have been approved by the Chief Judge pursuant to 744.3145:

Legal Guardian Family Training Online or Guardianship Program of Dade County, Inc. 305-592-7642

Guardianship Training and Support Services  (954) 988-4005

For more information on guardianship please visit: