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Catholic Charities Ambassador Program

Parish Social Ministry

Catholic Charities Ambassador Program

In order to assist pastors in meeting the needs of their community and to increase awareness of Catholic Charities (CC) throughout the Palm Beach diocese, Catholic Charities seeks to designate at least one ambassador in each of the fifty parishes, three missions and three high schools of the diocese.

The Catholic Charities Ambassador will serve as a link between the parish, or the school, and Catholic Charities. The ambassador should be a good communicator who relates well to the community.  The person could be a deacon, a member of the parish staff or of a ministry, a Catholic Charities staff member, parents of a high school student and the student or a teacher, or a parishioner at large. The ambassador will be appointed by mutual agreement between the pastor, the ambassador, and Catholic Charities. In a school the agreement will be made with the principal. *

* Candidates who have not been background checked by the diocese will be fingerprinted before being appointed.

What does an Ambassador do?

Once appointed the ambassador will:

  • Participate in a one-on-one meeting with the Catholic Charities Director of Parish Social Ministry for a mutual exchange of information about the parish, or the school, and about Catholic Charities.
  • Refer clients to Catholic Charities services when applicable and keep the community informed about Catholic Charities programs and events.
  • Keep abreast of the needs of the local community, identify potential sites for expansion of Catholic Charities services, and report to Catholic Charities.
  • Speak on behalf of Catholic Charities at parish and community events.
  • Attend workshop(s) held at the closest Catholic Charities location.

How to get involved

Donna Pearson from our Office of Parish Social Ministry will be the point person coordinating the Catholic Charities Ambassador Program.  Please contact her for any questions at 561-360-3327 or