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Trafficking Victim Assistance Program (TVAP)

Refugee Resettlement

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TVAP provides comprehensive case management services to foreign national victims* of a severe form of trafficking in persons and assist potential victims of trafficking in achieving the Certification Letter from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Once certified, case management services are provided to assist participants to enroll promptly in federal and state benefits and services to the same extent as a refugee as part of their stabilization process.

Individuals qualified for services under this program are:

Pre-Certified refers to a victim of a severe form of trafficking who has not yet received HHS Certification. Pre-certified adult victims who have not yet been screened by an attorney or law enforcement agent may enroll for 6 weeks pending screening. A minor with an ‘Interim Assistance’ Letter and is awaiting an Eligibility Letter from OTIP.

Certified refers to a victim of trafficking who has been issued an HHS Certification Letter (Eligibility Letter in the case of victim under the age of 18). “Certified” adult victim of trafficking who are not U.S. citizens or LPRs, are eligible to receive benefits and services under any federal or state program or activity to the same extent as a refugee. A minor in possession of an Eligibility Letter issued by OTIP, confirming that the survivor meets the federal definition of a victim of human trafficking.

Note: Individuals in Federal or State custody are ineligible for enrollment, as are individuals in Federal or State foster care.

Comprehensive case management services consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Coordinates provision of all services, utilizing community resources, government programs, and subcontract funds
  • Liaises with law enforcement & attorney(s) –discuss expectations, roles, and protocols to ensure open communication regarding case
  • Assists client with applying for public benefits and navigating social service systems
  • Monitors client progress toward meeting needs and goals
  • Empowers client to learn to locate future assistance

*Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs), U.S. citizens, and refugees would be eligible for our Anti-Human Trafficking Program or Match Grant Program based on their needs. They are not eligible for assistance and services under TVAP.

For more information/resources on Victims of Human Trafficking assistance, please visit the USCRI web page.