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Parish Nursing Resources

Interfaith Health and Wellness


Faith Community Nursing is part of a broader outreach – health ministry – which emphasizes the wholeness and interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit in congregations. Healing, health and wellness are promoted among the members as well to people in the surrounding community. It is a cooperative effort which includes members, health providers, hospitals, and other collaborative partners in the community interested in the importance of promoting a balanced lifestyle and mitigating health crises. 

Many congregations now have health ministry activities underway that Faith Community Nurses facilitate.   Catholic Charities Lending Library contains these materials.

Faith Community Nurses plan health education, guest speakers, and screenings:

Extend the health and caring mission of the congregation through support groups:

Educate on the relationship between faith and health via:

Articles & tips in church newsletters, bulletin boards & poster displays, sermons

Provide services for all ages, such as:

- for infants–new mother visits, Terrific Toddlers, Mommy & Me, Breakfast Bootcamp for Dads
- for children–Sunday school content on the body, “Henry the Hand” handwashing, brushing & flossing
- for teenagers–self-esteem, substance abuse prevention, anti-bullying
- for young adults–stress management, health & nutrition, healthy relationships
- for older adults–healthy aging, care transitions, visitations, respite


Faith Community Nurses demonstrate the quality and benefits of the programs by documenting the nursing process and outcomes in a responsible, accountable and ethical manner. Electronic documentation systems are available as well as the following manual forms.

Faith Community Nurse Care Notes
Encounter Log
Encounter Summary 
Health Survey
Health Survey (Spanish)


The following organizations support Faith Community Nursing and provide a multitude of resources:

Catholic Health Association Webinars, educational brochures & fact sheets, links to community resources such as the American Heart Association, and much more! 

Health Ministries Association, Inc. Membership of faith community nurses, clergy, chaplains, faculty, and program leaders who developed health ministries in diverse faith communities. 

Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing  - Store & Supplies