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Success Stories - Lives Saved!

Women's Pregnancy Solutions

Calmness, Kindness and Compassion

A single mother of four children, things have been rough. I do have a job, but not enough to afford for a place to live with my children. Because of that, they live with other members of the family, while I try to get on my feet. Still close with the father of my youngest child, we are sure to take precautions when we are together. So I was very surprised when I missed my cycle that comes every month. As a matter of fact, I could not remember getting it the previous month either. There is no way, if I am pregnant, that I can have a baby. I don’t even have a place to live myself and cannot take care of the children I have. I was heartsick. My friend tried to calm me down and suggested before I jump to conclusions, to call Solutions Mobile, as they had helped her when she thought she was pregnant – and they are free. I called and was so happy they could get me in right away for an appointment.

The women on the bus were calm and kind to me – which was so helpful, as they could see I was very nervous. I explained to them my situation and told them if I was pregnant, I would have to have an abortion. I had no other choice. I also explained to them I had nowhere to live. At that point, I began to cry. The pregnancy test was positive, so the ultrasound was next. The ultrasound confirmed I was just about nine weeks along. I could see a baby on the monitor, then I heard the heartbeat through the speakers on the bus – it was strong and loud. I began to cry. I did not want to have an abortion.

The woman that was helping me explained what I could expect if I had an abortion, based on how far along I was. She also explained the possible side effects, including the emotional ones. She shared her abortion experience with me – which meant so much to me that she did that. She then asked me a question: What if she had a place to live, would that change how I felt about the pregnancy? I had a good job, I just needed a place to catch up. She told me about the maternity homes in the area and said they could help me to find a maternity home that was right for me. I had not thought about that. I did not even know maternity homes were still around these days. By the time I was done with the appointment, we had put a plan together that would support me to parent. Once I made the decision to parent and there was a plan in place, I felt relieved. I know that I will have the support I need through this pregnancy and I am so grateful.