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Palm Healthcare Foundation Supports the ANA Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation Project

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Palm Beach is appreciative of the Palm Healthcare Foundation's $15,000 grant award in support of our Faith Community Nurses - ANA Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation project. The Catholic Charities Interfaith Health and Wellness Ministry is committed to the education of Registered Nurses who are serving our community through their affiliation with churches, temples, mosques and other faith-based initiatives, and works to promote whole-person care of the body, mind and spirit.

This project will be a model program to document best practices for improving the self-care and health of Faith Community Nurses in five areas, as established by the American Nurses Association Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN) initiative: physical activity, nutrition, rest & quality of life, mental health, and safety.  HNHN is an ongoing national movement designed to transform the health of the nation by improving the health of the nation’s Registered Nurses.  The ultimate outcome is for Faith Community Nurses to live balanced healthy lives to ensure they can positively impact individuals, families, and their spheres of influence.  Other outcomes include overcoming barriers to self-care and integrating “taking better care of yourself is taking better care of others” as a lifestyle paradigm shift for faith-based nurses to model healthy behaviors, and improve health and resilience. 

About Palm Health Foundation 

Palm Health Foundation is Palm Beach County’s community foundation for health. With the support of donors and a focus on results, the foundation builds strong community partnerships, respects diverse opinions, advocates for its most vulnerable neighbors, and inspires innovative solutions to lead change for better health now and for generations to come. The foundation supports health equity for Palm Beach County residents of all backgrounds, heritage, education, incomes and states of well-being. Palm Health Foundation has invested more than $91 million in Palm Beach County health since 2001. For more information about Palm Health Foundation, visit or call (561) 833-6333.