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Palm Beach Guardianship Association Acknowledges Catholic Charities Elder Affairs Program

At their November 9 meeting, the Palm Beach Guardianship Association acknowledged the work of Catholic Charities Elder Affairs Program as well as provided a $1,000 donation in support of guardianship services provided to vulnerable indigent seniors who are unable to pay guardianship fees.  

Since 1978 Catholic Charities Elder Affairs Program has been providing comprehensive guardianship and case management services to the elderly in our community. Many elderly are without support and are unable to manage their personal affairs, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, and neglect.  Many lack the financial resources to provide for the necessities of living. It is the goal of the program to deliver services that deal with the realities of human suffering and to advocate justice for the elderly person burdened by poverty and the effects of societal indifference.

Through guardianship and case management services, the program provides vital services to the most vulnerable and needy in our community. This multidimensional program provides comprehensive guardianship and case management services and linkage to community support for individuals 65 years of age and older, residing in Palm Beach County who are at risk physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and/or spiritually. Catholic Charities Elder Affairs program services are available to all regardless of race, income, or religious affiliation.

The mission of The Florida State Guardianship Association, and it's local chapter, is the protection of the dignity and rights of incapacitated persons and to increasing the professionalism of guardianship through education, networking, and legislative action.