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Claire's Story of Choosing Life

December 2023.  Catholic Charities' Women’s Pregnancy Solutions Program would like to share a "Save" from this past year.  To protect the client’s identity, her name has been changed. 

Claire is a twenty-six-year-old woman who moved to south Florida for treatment from addiction. She completed her treatment, moved into a halfway house with 4 other women, and obtained employment at a treatment facility. Claire suspected, shortly thereafter, that she was pregnant.  Claire had been with her boyfriend for a year, but he had been estranged from her for several months and did not want to be involved. 

Claire was scared because she did not have family in Florida and was unsure if she would be able to go through with the pregnancy without support and help.  The program performed a pregnancy test, which confirmed her pregnancy.  Claire received a free ultrasound, which revealed a very active 11-week old baby with a very strong heartbeat. Claire was very happy seeing her baby and could not believe how developed her baby already was, as she was able to see the hands and feet. Claire’s due date was December 28, 2023.  With the assistance of the Women's Pregnancy Solutions Program, Claire was given information on all available resources including counseling, material assistance, and much more. Claire was emotional when explaining that her family came to Florida to spend Christmas with her, helped set up her home for the baby, and she had her families support and presence when her baby arrived.  Claire choose life. Claire has moved out of the halfway house into a new apartment and both she and her baby girl are doing great. She stated the resources provided to her through the program helped tremendously.  She was able to use them to receive Medicaid and find a good OBGYN.